SHE-WOLF Additional Insulation Screen For Citroen Berlingo Side Window Organizer 2008-2018

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Essential for a comfortable winter journey.

What deserves attention?

– made of the highest quality materials with a low heat transfer coefficient,
– adapted to your car model: optimally fills the window recess,
-installed to the glass point by means of additional special Velcro fasteners with glue (there is no need to modify the previously installed She-Wolf organizer),
– provides the possibility of multiple assembly / disassembly in a very simple way,
– a perfect complement to the expedition body allowing for significant fuel savings during Webasto heating or other systems heating the interior of the vehicle,
– the adjusted shape of the screen protects the interior of the vehicle against excessive condensation on the windows and
the rays of the sun.

We produce insulating screens for various cars. If you don’t see the product intended for
the model you are interested in – contact us and we will make it for you.

Available colors: black